Albert Riera will become a player of New Zealand

Albert Riera is a 34 year old Spanish born player who has represented his national side at the big stage in a few occasions but the experienced performer has demonstrated his desire to perform with the New Zealand national team as Riera has been living in New Zealand since 2011 and for some reason he wants to become a regular starter for the national squad which is currently being guided by Anthony Hudson.

“It would be fantastic to play for New Zealand. It’s not something that is in my control but it would be great to contribute something and pay back everything this country has given me.” Albert Riera said.

The veteran player has already begun his citizenship application and it’s expected that this process will take a few weeks but when it gets completed, Albert Riera will become eligible for the New Zealand national team and he is certainly going to be 1 step closer towards joining the squad of Anthony Hudson which has a few important World Cup matches scheduled to take place in 2017 and Riera is eager to help them out at.

Despite being 34 years old, Albert Riera continues to play at a fairly high level and has demonstrated that even at an elevated age, he has a lot to offer as he was even included in the A-League All Stars team back in 2014 and they faced off with Juventus.

Riera is now performing for Auckland City and does not appear to have any intentions of hanging up his boots as he clearly wants to get more playing time by joining the New Zealand and perform at the international stage.

It’s important to note that Albert Riera did manage to represent Spain at the international scene a few years ago but he could never really make a big impact with them and Riera is hoping to do it with New Zealand.