The new era of Spanish Football has not started on a high note as turning up for the first time after the group round elimination in Brazil, La Roja suffered a 0-1 defeat at the hands of France.
This is the first time in the previous 8 years that Spain has lost to France.

Vicente Del Bosque, the person in charge of the Spanish side, started with a very young XI which had 3 players playing for the first time for their country.

There was no player in Del Bosque’s line up who was over 30 years of age.

So, considering the inexperience in the team, a 0-1 defeat is not the worst result for Spain.

And, that’s why De Bosque was not that much disappointed when he was addressing the press in Paris after the match.

The 63-year old was quoted as saying, “Quite a few new kids got the opportunity today and they impressed me with their approach. We did not get bullied despite playing with such a young line up and that itself is a positive.”

“What we have shown is that we have got a good bunch of new players coming up and the more they get the exposure, the more confident they will be. The transition, of course, takes a little bit of time, but, having watched the guys play today, I am very optimistic.”

Spain has to play a Euro qualifier versus Macedonia next week and Del Bosque, will probably returning to some of his experienced men for that game.

Spain should get better of Macedonia without losing much sweat, but, versus Ukraine and also versus Slovakia, they will be tested.

As far as France is concerned, they are the hosts of Euro 2016. So, they don’t have to go through the qualifying round.