Soccer Safari

Football’s coming home, or so we all like to think. Britain is the true home of the sport which is now the most popular competitive team sport the word over and which is played in around 200 countries by around 250 million players.

There are many sports themed online slot games that are based on football. Some of these take themselves and their football theme quite seriously, while others adopt a more fun-orientated aspect to their football themes. One of these latter ones, and the one that we will review here, is called Soccer Safari and it is based on the last Football World Cup that was hosted in South Africa. The game is from Microgaming.

In any slot game it is important to take an object look at the game’s fundamental features in order to gauge whether the benefits and risks are within the range in which you are interested in playing. Soccer Safari has the following features:

• There are 5 reels and 30 pay lines
• It is a non-progressive slot with a maximum payout of 40,000 coins.
• Coin values range for 1 p up to 10 p
• Betting minimum and maximum per spin are 1 p and £120
• Symbols include scatters, wilds and multipliers
• The game includes free spins and other bonus features.
The fun features of the game are based around all the players, spectators and officials who are all rendered as stylised versions of giraffes, tigers, lions, monkeys, elephants, hippos and various other animals of the kind you are likely to encounter in the jungles and game reserves of South Africa.

There are two bonus features. The first is free spins and the second is a chance to sin money by scoring penalty goals. You just select your favourite player to do so on your behalf and the better he is at it the more money for you.

Soccer Safari is a great slot for football fans with a good sense of humour.