Albert Riera: A player whose career was marred by disciplinary issues

Most fans will remember Albert Riera during his time in the Premier League when playing for Liverpool. But his career has always been stained by disciplinary issues.

Albert Riera started his career with Mallorca where he will help his team win the Copa del Rey. He will score 4 goals in 35 appearances. He will move to Bordeaux where he will make 67 appearances for the French club and scored 9 goals.

He will then sign a contract with Espanyol where he will make 94 appearances for the club while scoring 12 goals for the Catalonia team. He will again win the Copa del Rey as well as finished as runner-up in the UEFA Cup.

His good form will earn him a move to Liverpool, and this is where his disciplinary issues will start. His critics of Rafael Benitez management will cause him to be suspended and was transfer listed. He never played for Liverpool again and was sold to Olympiakos in 2010.

He will make 28 appearances for the Greek club before moving to Galatasaray. Again, he will face disciplinary issues where he will be involved in a fight with his team-mate Felipe Melo. Albert Riera was suspended for the final game of Galatasaray this season and incurred financial penalties as well.

In 2014, Riera signed a contract with Udinese and was immediately sent out on loan to Watford. In England, he will be charged by the FA for having confronted the official and having to be dragged by his team-mates. He subsequently returned to Udinese.

Back in Italy, he will fail to report for a game against Chievo and will be sacked by Udinese. He will then move to Mallorca where again he will face disciplinary issues after refusing to play under Soler, who was the manager at that time.

Although Riera had some talents, he let his poor temper dictate him, and this has negatively impacted his career.