Albert Riera wasnt happy with Agreement of Udinese Calcio

Albert Riera has denied that the cessation of his contract at Udinese Calcio was actually the punishment handed to him by the club for breaking the code of conduct.

It’s been learnt that Riera was not with the Udinese squad on one of the game days. He was in some other country having fun with some of his mates.

The club officials did not take it well at all when they discovered that and they decided to end the deal with the former Spain International with immediate effect.

However, while officially announcing the separation with Riera, Udinese did not specify the reason.
It was just stated that the decision was made in agreement of both the parties.

Riera himself took to a website the other day to make clear that there were just the sporting reasons behind the separation and nothing else.

In the words of the veteran, “The non-Footballing things had nothing to do with me leaving Udinese.”

The so-called sacking makes Riera an unemployed player at this point of time.
However, he does not need to be concerned that much as the mid season transfer window is around the corner and with his experience; he would certainly be attracting a few European clubs.

It would be really interesting to see which country he prefers to go. If he gets any offer from Spain, it’s more than likely that he would accept it as it would keep him close to family and friends.

Riera came through the ranks at the Spanish club Mallorca and the sources believe that he might be eluded by his boyhood club to make a comeback.

Riera’s first stint for the Mallorca senior team was 2-year long before he was off to FC Girondins de Bordeaux.