If MiquelSoler continues coaching Mallorca, Riera will not play

MiquelSoler is a 50 year old Spanish manager of Mallorca who began his coaching career in Mallorca by taking control of the reserve team and after a few years, he was promoted to being in charge of the main team, this occurred during the summer of 2014.

This coaching role only lasted one month as he was sacked due to a change within the board of directors and staff members of the club. However, he did manage to make a return and become the manager once again in February of 2015 as he replaced Valery Karpin who was sacked.

It doesn’t look like everyone is happy to see MiquelSoler in charge of the club as Albert Riera stated that he will not play any further matches with Mallorca if Soler remains as the coach.
Albert Riera has utilized his twitter account to express what he feels about MiquelSoler and from the looks of it, the 33 year old player does not have a healthy relationship with MiquelSoler.

Riera used to perform for Mallorca back in 2001 but was later offloaded to Bordeaux as the player embarked on a journey that has seen him playing in numerous clubs from around the world including: Espanyol, Manchester City, Liverpool, Olympiacos, Galatasaray, Watford and Udinese.

After his time with Udinese reached it’s end, Riera decided to make a return to Mallorca. It has been a little over 2 months since this occurred and so far the player has not made a big impact as he is usually utilized as a substitute player and nothing more than that.

All fingers are pointing towards Albert Riera playing an even less influential role with the Spanish club as he already is a back-up option and now that he decided to not play at all if MiquelSoler continues being in charge of the club, Riera could have might as well kissed his playing career at Mallorca goodbye.