Steven Gerrard reckons England’s performances in Euro qualifiers isnt Satisfying

Steven Gerrard reckons England’s performances in Euro qualifiers can’t tell if they have really improved over the last 6-8 months.

The Three Lions have been putting up smashing shows in Group E and are topping the points’ chart with 100% win record, but, according to Gerrard, that was expected as every other team is weaker and can’t pose that level of challenge which England would come across in the main competition.

Speaking to a channel in America, the veteran midfielder said, “I would not go too much into how England has done in the recent games. Well done to them, no doubt. Wins are wins especially at the international level, but, it’s also important to see the quality of the opposition.”

“Without being disrespectful to any side, I will have to say that England’s far stronger and you expect these wins, but, that does not really give you the idea where their game really stands at the moment and whether there’s been improvement or not.”

“Some youngsters have been brought into the side and have been given the experience which is always good and that’s also been possible because we haven’t had too many tough teams to contend with as far as the qualifiers are concerned.”

When asked how he would rate the work of his successor Wayne Rooney who took the charge of the side from him post World Cup 2014, Gerrard said, “Wayne’s been alright. He is unanimously respected within the group as a player and I have liked what he has been doing as a leader too. This is, of course, too early to pass a judgment. You have to wait for the Euro. When you are under pressure in close games, that’s when your leadership skills are tested.”