Laurent Blanc has rejected speculation that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is unable to coexist

PSG manager Laurent Blanc has rejected speculation that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is unable to coexist with Edinson Cavani.

The Swedish striker has gained a huge reputation over the last couple of years and this has been a major factor in Cavani being shifted out wide into a position that he does not like. As a result, Cavani has been threatening the club with an immediate transfer request. Manager Laurent Blanc has had a much easier job in the last few months, as Cavani has been scoring much more freely than ever before while Ibrahimovic has been struggling for goals.

Recent good form propelled Ibrahimovic to 7 goals in 7 domestic matches, but his record was poor prior to the recent goals-against Bastia. Both players found the back of the net in the recent win over Saint Etienne. Despite this vastly superior form, PSG have been able to open up only a slight advantage in the domestic league. The duo scoring has also reduced pressure managerBlanc, who has had to constantly fend off questions about a fallout between the popular strikers. Due to the presence of Ibrahimovic and continued lack of importance, Cavani came close to leaving PSG on a number of occasions with Manchester United interested in him.

“Everybody has now seen that our attackers are complementary when they have the desire to play together. They have different characteristics and qualities, but what matters most is their presence on the pitch, regardless of their statistics. They did very well.Di Maria put in a great performance in the second half as well.We have some great players and he is one of them. We have to be patient with him,” said Blanc. Cavani has scored the same number of goals as Ibrahimovic in the domestic league, but he has been less prolific on the international front.