Tony Pulis made a sarcastic remark to Jurgen Klopp

Tony Pulis made a sarcastic remark to Jurgen Klopp showing his anger after a recent game between Liverpool and West Brom.

Klopp recently made his Premier League bow with Liverpool and he has so far enjoyed some impressive wins against teams like Manchester City. However, the team has equally suffered a disappointing results against the so-called lesser teams like West Brom. A shock 2-2 draw at home meant that Liverpool were unable to forget the painful memories of a loss against Newcastle in the previous week. Klopp was especially unhappy with the tactics employed by West Brom.

The former Borussia Dortmund manager felt that West Brom players were intentionally looking to injure his players with over the top tackles, which were unpunished by the referee. The physical style of football is something that is associated with all teams managed by Tony Pulis, who is one of the few managers to have never suffered relegation in his managerial career. The long ball style of football has often been criticised in the past, butPulis sarcastically pointed out that it was Liverpool who were trying to get the ball quickly to the strikers rather than the away team. During the 99 minutes of the game, West Brom played only three long balls more than Liverpool.

“I think it was disappointing but he’s got his opinions and he can say what he wants.We apologise we actually played three longer passes in 99 minutes than Liverpool did in that game.As a football club we apologise to Liverpool for playing three longer passes.Everything you hear and everything talked about today there’s always a bit of spin on it.If I had a team that was worth £200 million playing against a team that was worth less than £20 million,” said Pulis after the non-handshake.