Ramos doesn’t want to brood over loss

Spain defender Sergio Ramos said that he didn’t want to spend one more second regretting what might have been and move on from the hammering and humiliating 1-5 loss at the hands of The Netherlands, but just like the wave of attack from the Oranje, the questions kept on coming for the Real Madrid man.

Ramos was meeting the Spanish media, which was much subdued than it usually is, and rightly so, after Spain suffered its worst defeat in the World Cup in sixty years, and the temperamental Spaniard had to contend with several uneasy questions regarding the performance.

Ramos stated that it definitely marks his life, it marks his professional record and it was perhaps the worst defeat he has suffered as a footballer. The Real Madrid defender was sitting alongside Barcelona left back Jordi Alba as he answered the press and looked quite calm despite the storm that had passed over the team.

He went on to add that doesn’t mean he will spend any more time thinking about the match and regret the performance they put in, adding that it was not the time for regrets. Ramos mentioned that a 1-5 loss, which too at the World Cup would affect the dignity and pride of any professional player but it also provides a lot of motivation for the next match.

The Spanish media ran headlines ranging from ‘nightmare’; ‘humiliation’ to ‘annihilation’ as they described the team’s surrender to the Dutch and some of the members of the press mentioned that it was unwise for Spain to train in the south when they were playing in the heat of Salvador.
He also defended his club mate and goalkeeper Iker Casillas for his performance and said that he was motivated to perform better in the next match against Chile.