Albert Riera speaks about his 16+ year-long football career

Albert Riera is a 34 year old football player that has performed with clubs from around the world and despite being at such an elevated age, the Spanish performer wants to continue playing at a high level as the experienced player recently revealed details not only concerning his current situation but also about how his life has been throughout the past years.

The experienced player has recently stated that he just wants to focus on actually playing and it doesn’t really matter for him where he performs in as his desire is to simply perform and get time on the pitch.

Riera’s latest football transfer saw him making a move from the Slovenian club Zavrc to FC Koper and the Spanish player revealed some of the reasons of why he opted to make this switch as Albert Riera said:

“I took that because it gave me the experience of being a player-sporting director, which is what I would most like to work as when I finish playing but I felt like I was wasting time as I’m still good enough to play for a few more years at a good level and that’s why I decided that this year I wanted to find something interesting.”

Mallorca, Bordeaux, Espanyol, Manchester City, Liverpool, Olympiacos, Galatasaray, Watford, Udinese, Zavrc and Koper are all of the clubs that Albert Riera has performed with but the Spanish player has revealed which moment, which club he considers to be the most important or significant out of his entire playing career.

“My best moment was probably when I signed for Liverpool and at the same time I formed part of the greatest Spain team ever, between 2008 and 2010, but where I enjoyed playing the most was actually Turkey, playing for Galatasaray where I felt very important to the team and won a lot of trophies.” Riera added on.