Alvaro Morata despite being a nativeof Madrid, fan, homeboy and part of the Castilla youth team was always going to find it hard to break into the first team.

The 25-year old striker is no doubt talented as his displays at the youth levels of both the club and national teams have shown. With a 6-foot-2 height, pacy stride and a clear eye for goal, it is really hard to ask anything more from him before he can be handed the striking reigns of the Los Blancos.

His undeniable potential was the chief reason Madrid madeit a point of duty to include a buy-back clause in his move to Juventus 3 years ago. That same strategy was adopted during right back Dani Carvajal’s paper work to Bayer Leverkusen and as it turned out the foreseen potential has become a living reality that has seen the Spain international efficiently marshal the right wing of the Santiago Bernabeu, leaving their bitter rivals Barcelona in the dust of searching for Dani Alves successor.

Not so much can be said of Morata who despite being handed starts in spurts and equally delivered still seems stuck in the very envisioned scenario that made him leave for Turin in the first place.

Since returning, he has 26 appearances this season as French man Karim Benzema has refused to be dislodged. Even the flanks who might have been another contributory avenue for him is jam-packed with expensive talents and should the coach want to look at youngsters, Marcos Asensio and Lucas Vasquez seem to offer far more than the Alvaro on both flanks.

Come next Saturday Madrid take on Juventus in this season’s finale of the UCL and with the Morata set to start on the bench one can only wonder what must be going through his mind
A Juve win well make it worse. The kid got himself an ugly dilemma.