Latest Manchester United signing Odion Jude Ighalo in his very first interview after putting pen to paper says Marcus Rashford is the best player within his age group currently in the world and will be looking forward to working with the England international once he returns back from injury.

United will be hoping the Nigeria international turns out to be good enough an influence than Lukaku and Sanchez ever was. The Belgium and Chile international came to the theatre of dreams after spending years in the premier league with other clubs yet struggled to contribute anything meaningful at Old Trafford.

Manchester United face Chelsea on the 17th and it is left for them to make every good use of the season’s first leg psychological advantage to beat the Blues and close that much needed gap before the season comes to an end since inability to qualify for Europe’s top soccer tournament represents another new low no one saw coming when Solskjaer was the caretaker manager and the team beating anyone that came their way. Even Tottenham has leapfrogged the Red Devils’ but given how inconsistent they have been, Chelsea remains the team to beat.

Most are still questioning the reason United will sell a proven striker like RomeluLukaku despite his penchant for misfiring when you need him the most to go for a player like Ighalo whose only premier league experience was at Waford and for a very short time too. The Belgium international is banging in goals for Inter Milan every week and will take till the end of the season for fans to decide whether Ed Woodward made the right call in signing their latest striker.

Should Ighalo perform though, it will give United a better reinforcement about the decision they made in getting rid of the Belgian.


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