Riera Derby Description: “After The Match Is Over …”

Galatasaray old player Albert Riera, the remaining Galatasaray – Fenerbahce derby evaluated the derby. Albert Riera, wearing Galatasaray uniform for a period, connected to the Sports Boiler program broadcasted in Radiosport and answered questions of Özgür Sancar. The statements of Albert Riera are compiled by Ajansspor as follows:

I keep working in Russia. I keep working to get a pro-license. The process will continue until May. Then I will take a license from the Spanish Football Federation and take a step to start the coach. Talk about the Galatasaray, and then it is very important for me. I followed the derby. Regardless of the result, they should stay on the field. After the match is over, they should not move out. We are people from the same family. I have always recommended this to people in football. The important thing is that they are not repeated.

Galatasaray deserved more. Fenerbahce despite the difficulties caught. The loser seems to be 3 points, but it can be seen that 1 point has been won. Galatasaray has the chance. He will play with Besiktas and Basaksehir. If he wins in these matches, he will climb to the top.

Schalke’s problem area

Winning the Schalke match was very important for us at that time. Fatih Terim can take the desired result from there with the team game. I’m guessing you can go back there with a good result. Schalke could not get the results he wanted in his league. It’s not going very well. Defense center is troubled. Galatasaray can evaluate the place.

Individuality is important, but collective compliance is very important. Things get harder to defeat, but Galatasaray forces the chances at the end. A draw from there is a good result.

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